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Extended Reality Development DeCal

Similar to how mobile devices revolutionized the way we interact with our electronic devices, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality represent another exciting paradigm shift in human computer interaction. XR stands for Extended Reality, which is the realm that encompasses both Virtual and Augmented Reality.

This semester, the course will teach students to develop VR applications in headmounted displays using Unity. Students will get exposure to different kinds of VR/AR apps and work in teams to build their own from scratch. The course is designed for beginners with no prior VR/AR experience required! After completion of the course, we welcome interested students to join an existing project team with XR @ Berkeley or pitch their own project.

This 3-unit course will be held on Monday’s or Thursday’s 5:00 - 7:00 PM PST in-person at the Cal Esports Community Center. You will be assigned one section, and you do not need to attend the other day’s section.

The course consists of lectures, labs, homework, and a final project. Each class will include a lecture on VR/AR theories and practices, followed by a “follow-along” style lab. Homework will be weekly for the first half of the course and will consist of practical Unity assignments. Halfway through the semester, classes will transition to giving students time to work in teams on their final projects until the end of the semester.

Click here for the full course syllabus.

If you’re interested in making projects with a team, please apply to the XR@B club!


Applications for Spring 2023 are OPEN!

Applications have been extended to Feb 4th. The first class will still be held on Jan 30th or Feb 2nd depending on your assigned section.