Extra Lab: Maya Workshop

This lab was a live workshop on using Maya, so there is no material here. For those auditing the course online, UCBUGG's website is a fantastic resource for learning Maya and the pipeline for 3D art in general.

This workshop covered some of the material on this cheatsheet for Maya, linked here. The premise was to model a 3D sword based off of the image below.


celtic sword


For reference, you can find a link to a previous semester's webcast here (note that this is not completely the same as what was covered this semester).

For those who did not check off in class, you can come to office hours to do so. Alternatively, you can submit a screenshot of of your sword model. If you decide to submit a screenshot, please do so in multiple perspectives mode (activated by spacebar) so that we can see your model from multiple angles. You can submit your work for check off here.